Oracle acquires Eloqua for just 871mio

For its $871 million buyout of Eloqua, Oracle will get more marketing automation expertise and access to more than 1,000 customers. The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2013 and continues Oracle’s fourth quarter buying spree.

Lest we forget that Oracle remains primarily a software company, it announced plans to buy Eloqua, a maker of marketing management software for $871 million or $23.50 per share. The buy comes two years after the database giant bought Eloqua competitor Market2Lead and 7 months after it acquired Vitrue for social marketing expertise. (Check out Eloqua’s blog on the Market2Lead acquisition for an interesting read.)

The deal will mean more competition with Oracle rival which bought Buddy Media for $689 million in June and is adding more marketing expertise to its portfolio as well as help Oracle compete against other companies like Marketo and Hubspot, which recently snagged $35 million in new venture backing. There are differences: Hubspot focuses on inbound marketing — culling likely prospects from  Facebook, Twitter etc. and targeting them. Eloqua’s specialties lie more in lead management and reporting and analysis of marketing programs. Another factor is that many researchers predict that Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) will get have big budgets for IT acquisitions that help them do their jobs better.

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